Amazing & Simple Trick to Make Your Heels Feel Like Flats

Guide to comfort with high heels

Once you finally score the perfect prom dress, it’s time for the next most sensible thing: buying shoes to complement. Even the preferred heels do major harm after a nights dance. So before you strike the dance floor, you are going to need to find out how to break in heels.

We love shoes with high heels, we know how much they make our feet and legs look better. However, it is also a fact that heels hurt our feet very much. Here is the answer to the question of how we can be comfortable with heeled shoes…

1. Stay Away From Slipping With Sandpaper

Your feet will have to do much more work if you are constantly slipping around because your brand-new shoes haven’t any traction yet. Use some sandpaper and rub it against the underneath of your heels until they’re noticeably rougher. This will generate more friction in the middle of your footwear and the ground and stop you from taking an uncomfortable tumble on the dance area.

2. Method for enlarging shoes

First of all, if your shoe doesn’t have any deformed parts, heat your shoe with a hair dryer and then wear it. When the shoe is still warm, move your foot back and forth and warm the shoe again after cooling. After doing this a few times you’ll notice that the shoe is enlarged.

3. Socks solution

To get your feet to get used to heels, wear your shoes with socks at home and your feet with socks will make your shoes open.

4. Refrigerator solution

Put a bag of water in your shoe and put it in the fridge to enlarge the shoes that are squeezing your feet.

Simple Trick to Make Your Heels Feel Like Flats