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Immediate relief for stomach pains, which you can easily do at home

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Stomach pain is a very common problem with different severity, different causes, and different symptoms.

It may show signs of generalized or partial pain, cramping, nausea, bloating and sometimes vomiting in the stomach. Stomach pain can be caused by many reasons.

Here are the causes and treatment methods of stomach pain;

Remedy to Relieve Stomach Pain Instantly

-Pour 200-250 g of broccoli into half a liter of water and boil.

-5 minutes to boil is enough. This is a one-day cure measure.

-Water should be divided into three parts and drunk on an empty stomach.

-After drinking broccoli water at least don’t eat anything 20 minutes, this is because the cure can be quite a yield.

The application time of the cure is as follows;

*You should use it for a week.

*If it is not enough, you will have a break for 3 days and use for another week.

*Like the same drugs should be a discipline in the application of herbal cures.

*Therefore, this measure requires loyalty.

*The period of application of this cure is a maximum of three weeks in weekly segments.

Tahini for Relieve the Stomach Pain

Tahini is the most effective nutrient in stomach pain.
Make a habit of eating 2 tablespoons of tahini in the morning.
Do not eat anything half an hour after eating tahini. Your stomach pain will relieve in 1-2 days.

Methods to relieve abdominal pain at home;

– Drinking a cup of ginger tea, as well as your abdominal pain will relax your muscles and stomach cramps will be good.

– You can consume the mint, which is good for nausea and vomiting, next to the tea.

– If you pour a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of apple vinegar into a glass of water and drink slowly, your abdominal pain will go away.

– If you consume the chamomile tea after 10-15 minutes of steeping, which reduces the pressure applied to the intestines, your stomach pain and abdominal pain will go away.

– Another method that is good for abdominal pain is a hot water bag. If you pour the boiled water into the hot water bag and place the bag on your feet, your pains will go away. Do not place the hot water bag on your stomach!

– Banana is one of the nutrients that are effective in relieving abdominal pain.

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Immediate relief for stomach pains, which you can easily do at home